2004 Field Day Pictures

The Tri County Repeater Association operated class 2A with the call W9NG.  Field Day was held at the Ice Age Center near New Auburn.  Members and guest that attended included N9XMU, W9RAY, KB9TYC, AB9EJ, W9NG, KB9WYO, KB9YOS, KA9GNG, KB9QGL, KB9PJL, KC9CGW, N9RVV, N9SWN, KC9EXW, N9VGT, KC9FEE, KC9DUA, W9GDH, N9LIK, K9YLI, KB9POI, NZ9U, W0LUY, and KB9RBL.

BandPhone ContactsDigital ContactsCW Contacts
80 Meters1900
40 Meters5900
20 Meters118323
15 Meters6600
10 Meters4500
6 Meters13301
2 Meters500
70 CM100
Total Contacts446324

With 473 total contacts we had a claimed score of 1,000 point.  Bonus points were for 100% emergency power, media publicity, set up in a public place, information booth, natural power QSOs completed, and score submitted via the web.  Total score for 2004 was 1,650 points.