2002 Field Day Pictures

Field day was held at the Ice Age Center near New Auburn.  Amateur radio operators that either participated or stopped by included KB9WAY, W9RAY, N9XMU, KB9WYO, KB9UPI, KB9PVC, N9UBS, W9NNS, AB9EJ, W9BBJ, K0ZYP, K9OW, KB9TYC, W9NG, KB9PJL, KA9GNG, KB9RBL, N9TUC, N9RVV, N9LUG, W9GDH, N9KOR, N9LIU, and KC9BH.

585 contacts were SSB and 29 were CW.  After bonus points the final score was 1,786 points.

80 Meters2
40 Meters14
20 Meters102
15 Meters127
10 Meters206
6 Meters133
2 Meters1