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If anyone is interested here is the information on Barron Counties field

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> Field Day is Saturday and I hope to see you all there everything is ready
> to go the lawn is nice and clean the porta potty is in place, food is ready
> to go, radios will be over Friday and antennas should be up as well by
> Friday night ( we hope)  here. All we need is YOU!
> Here is the address to the site....
> 944 9th Ave
> Barron, WI 54812
> Directions coming from Barron
> Hwy 25 south out of town towards Dallas, turn right on county road D going
> west go about 5 miles or so once you pass up some turkey barns on the left
> your about half mile from the site on the right ( you cant miss the tower
> brown house and shed also red windmill in front yard)
> Directions coming from Almena
> Hwy 8 East to county road F( Before poskin) go south on F until you hit a
> 4 way stop sign. go left at stop sign (or East) on County road D, at the
> top of the hill on your left black mail box on a brown post also should see
> red wind mill.
> Other Info
> when you come into the drive way please park on either side of drive way
> on the grass so the drive way isn't blocked also please do not drive cross
> country  across the lawn ( it will make ruts)
> Also we will have a 2m/440 rig on site so if you need directions or want
> to check up on us please do so
> The Frequency's will be as follows......
> 2m: 146.715 PL Tone 110.9
> 440: 443.650 DCS Tone of 351
> The callsign will be the clubs call of KD9EJA.
> Hope to see you all there
> 73
> Mike KC9JIK
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