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Tue Nov 16 21:16:13 CST 2010

** Badger State Smoke Signals (from Ken Ebneter):

BADGER STATE SMOKE SIGNALS has been published for since 1969. The last
issue was published in June of 2009. I had hoped to keep publishing
since that time, but circumstances have not made that possible, and we
are announcing that BSSS is being discontinued. We have gone from a
monthly circulation of over 1600 servicing over 15 clubs to a present
mailing list of less than 200 serving only a few clubs. Costs have
continued to increase and work and health conditions made it difficult
to find time to work on putting it out.

Much of the material published is now available over the internet from
many sources on the local club and national levels. The BSSS web site
http://www.bsss.org/ has been allowed to expire.

The archived copies of BSSS and other publications will be donated to
the Wisconsin State Historical Society. There they will be available
for future researchers trying to find what this strange hobby of
Amateur Radio was about. The CD ROM version of BSSS will also be kept
available to anyone wanting a copy.

Regarding your subscriptions, any received since the last issue in 2009
will be refunded. If your check has not been deposited, it is being
returned. For others already deposited, a refund check will be sent.
After returning the subscriptions and covering closing costs, any funds
remaining in the BSSS bank account will be given to an amateur radio
related charity such as the ARRL National Foundation.

BSSS started as the publication of the Yellow Thunder Amateur Radio
Club and was expanded to include the entire state of Wisconsin. Jim
Romelfanger, K9ZZ (SK) was the editor for over 30 years until his death
and I continued as editor/publisher until last year.

There are many memories of working on BSSS in my basement (after Jim
had made the mimeograph sheets) with the mimeograph machine and the
monthly crew of mimeograph turners (until we acquired a motor driven
mimeograph), slip sheets, collating, labeling and stamps followed by a
late night snack at a nearby restaurant and then to the Post Office the
next morning. Later we switched to commercial printing and night
sessions were greatly reduced to only one or two people. I will not
attempt to list all those that helped both with text material and with
getting it out but, there were many.

 It has been a pleasure bringing BSSS to the amateurs of Wisconsin, and
I look forward to continuing to see you at hamfests and other activities
around the state.

73 ken k9en

kenneth.ebneter at frontier.com

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