[TCRA] HF Station

Greg Hammerel w9gdh at chibardun.net
Tue Jul 14 02:06:40 CDT 2009

*Correction: Change Aug 7 to Aug 8 Saturday.

Set up HF station on July 11 at the Pioneer Village Museum, just west of 
Cameron for Heritage Days.  www.barroncountymuseum.com
This was a demonstration station for visitors to the Museum.
Used Kenwood TS-50S , LDG AT200 Pro and G5RV up in the pine trees.
Power was 12 volt deep cycle 12 volt battery.
Hams at station were ** Kevun Cohoon KC9HXL, Orlin Church K9OC and 
Myself W9GDH.
Orlin ran the mic and Kevun and myself answered the visitors questions.
Orlin made many contacts. Germany, Spain and stateside.
The Manager and her staff said they would like the Ham Station setup 
again this year on a weekend.
The next good day for a HF station is Aug 8, Voyageurs Encampment. Will 
update with an e-mail in a couple of weeks for the Aug 8 setup.*
*They also said we could put up a permanent antenna for easier setups.  
So I order an antenna today. www.antennasmore.com/windom.htm

Contact me if you are interested in the Aug 7 setup or operating.

Greg Hammerel   W9GDH

Ph 715 458 4056


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