[TCRA] Pioneer Village Museum Ham Radio Station

Greg Hammerel w9gdh at chibardun.net
Fri Jul 3 22:01:07 CDT 2009

Today I had a discussion with the Manager of the Pioneer Village Museum
(http://www.barroncountymuseum.com) just west of Cameron, WI.    During
the  Heritage Days on July 11- 12 from  11am-7pm, the Manage was
interested  in a Ham Radio Station for this event.

I'm looking for some help with the station. I only need help in
operating. I will provide the equipment. I have a Kenwood TS-50S, LDG
tuner and a fully insulated G5RV antenna with coax.
I plan on running the equipment off batteries (12 v Deep cycle).

All you will need to do is operate.

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