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HI Guys, I am sorry if I missed it but what are the dates for the Birkie please. I have a place in Jump River and have been looking for a reason to come up. This maybe my excuse to make the trip and bring along my antique Raider Snow Machine.
  AL Campos
  Milwaukee, WI

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Subject: [Fwd: Birkie HAM radio operators needed
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 12:15:34 -0600
From: Ed Jacobsen 
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Hi Guys,
We need a few more operators to 'man' radio communications from the 
Birkie food stations to the race headquarters. If you know of any, would 
you please have them get in touch with Kris Larsen at
k-h-larsen at centurytel.net 

Note from Kris larsen

My name is Kris Larsen, KB9KRH. I coordinate the amateur radio coverage 
for the Birkie. In fact, their are two nets set up for the race. The 
first is the medical net. It is used by the ski patrol for injured 
skiers. We do not have anything to do with that. The exception is the 
case of a lost skier or drop-out who needs transportation home but not 
to a medical facility. Then we get involved. Our net takes care of 
logistics. We help coordinate the movement of food, cups, heaters, 
propane, and anything else that might be needed at the many food 
stations. Each food station is set up with a best guess of what might 
be needed for the race. However, trail conditions change from year to 
year so needs also change. Stations can unexpectedly run out of 
supplies. Racers need food and drink, so we try to get it 
re-distributed as fast as possible.

We have radio operators at each of eight food stations, the race start 
line, Birkie finish, Korteloppet finish, and net control set up 
mid-course at Double O. This command post also houses county and law 
enforcement radios.

Also, I am short of operators at two stations. 
A handheld radio would be fine, but most of the stations allow our radio 
operators to drive in and operate mobile.

Thank you for your interest. I am looking forward to seeing you at the 

-- Kris Larsen
k-h-larsen at centurytel.net 

Ed Jacobsen
4900 Dake Rd.
Webster, WI 54893, USA
(715)349 2761

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