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Ray J ray at w9ray.org
Sat Jan 27 16:13:46 CST 2007

> NWS would prefer we used the roberts repeater  but it cant be used in most of 
> rusk, barron, chippewa counties.

why would they want to switch to a repeater that half of the ops in the 
area can not use...? Isn't  the idea suppose to be that k0mpx can look 
at a repeater in a area of interest and see what is going on in that 
area? hard to do if the spotter cannot get into or hear the repeater..

why not ask  k0mpx  to think about upgrading their equipment..... more 
tower height, better yagi... preamp at antenna...?? that would help them 
all around.....

what is wrong.. do they not hear the 47  or can't the get into the 
repeater? or both?


Ray J

K9YLI at aol.com wrote:
> ===Message From The TCRA Reflector===
> I plan to bring up at the feb meeting the possibility of changeing some stuff 
> on the repeater. 
> We have trouble working K0mpx during  summer storms.

> Several possibilities.
>  put up a beam antenna ( extra) pointed to  st paul..
>  replace present verticle with more gain if thats possible.
> Contact the owner of  the roberts machine and see if it is possible to 
> increase the coverage to at least include
> usage from  K9yli's   pair of 11s at 50 feet.  
> I cant hear it  now although KI9H says he can.  At least I can't kick it 
> up..to here it  Id.
> Subsidize the upgrade to make  sky warn more effective.
> or other suggestions............
>   el presedente.....
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