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Wed Feb 7 13:05:19 CST 2007

Meeting 2/06/07     TCRA

Present    W9mm  mike
N0DTO     herb
N9FE   mark
KC9IVY   elwin
K9YLI      don
N9LIE       walt

A long discussion was had on how and or if  we can improve our ability to 
communicate with   K0MPX,  national weather service in  Chanhassen,.

A list of ideas……………..
Improve our verticle  antenna system..                                        
                 not likely
Add a beam pointed to St Paul                                                 
                    not practicle
Link to the  Roberts repeater..                                               
Find permanent site for  Walts   New Richmond repeater                   
Set up remote base at WX  transmitter at  wheeler,, using  secondary voice  
over their 
     Existing  voice line.  (voip type of
     Adding audio  with a vox operated 
     Remote base ) which could easily 
      The .47  machine. 

Something I thought of on way home,   If  secondary audio can be done by  WX 
system over existing phone line,    how about doing it  through  the Ladysmith 
Then a simple remote base with simple antenna  to reach  .47 from there. 
Don will contact  KI9H    jim and further discuss options of  money sources 
and also any know contacts with tower owners/availability.
Appearantly the Weather service has an agreement with the state of Wisconsin  
wich owns some towers  as the PBS station in Wheeler.
( I think it was Wheeler or maybe it was Colfax area.,,   MY fault. No note)

Motion by W9GDH to pay Walt  $1200 for the repeaters antenna.        Seconded 
by  KC9IVY
Discussion of long standing use of antenna  with out compensation  .          
 Mike wrote a check for $400  as first payment.  

Motion by  N9FE to sell the  ICOM  718 as it is rarely used. On field day.    
Seconded byKC9IVY   
Price set at  $400  or  $350 (which was purchase price)  to a member..        
Motion by K9YLI  to allow any ham under 18  to have free membership.
Seconded by  W9GDH
Don to write letter to  KC9JIK   mike  to that effect as first  inductee.

Notes by  Don…

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