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Greg Hammerel w9gdh at chibardun.net
Fri Apr 27 12:55:16 CDT 2007

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Subject: 	W9S : Blue Hills District Boy Scout Spring Camporee
Date: 	Wed, 25 Apr 2007 10:59:40 -0400
From: 	Green, Perry WY1O <pgreen at arrl.org>
To: 	<w9gdh at chibardun.net>


Your request for use of the Special Event Call Sign has been reviewed 
and approved for the time frame requested.

A record copy of your authorization as it appears in the Special Event 
Call Sign Database is embedded in this e-mail message.

In addition to this authorization, you may also view your approved 
record in the NCVEC database at www.ncvec.org

This is the only official usage notice you will receive; no license, 
certificate or any other document is issued. You may desire to print a 
copy of this e-mail for your record.

In accordance with current FCC regulations,[Part 97.119 (d)], please 
remember to identify your station (or stations) at least once per hour 
using the control operator's regular assigned call, with the special 
event call.

If you are planning to have a listing in QST or on the ARRL web site; 
please submit the request via www.arrl.org/contests/spevform.html, or 
contact maty at arrl.org for concerns in this regard.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or further concerns 
regarding your call, or the special event call sign program.

May your usage of this special call sign assist your event in its success!


Perry Green, WY1O
Assistant VEC Manager
1x1 Special Event Callsign Administrator for
A R R L - The national association for Amateur Radio

225 Main Street
Newington, CT 06111-1494

(860) 594-0300     pgreen at arrl.org 
(860) 594-0339(Fax)   www.arrl.org <http://www.arrl.org>

W9S : Blue Hills District Boy Scout Spring Camporee
Start Date: 	May 19, 2007
End Date: 	May 20, 2007
Coordinator: 	ARRL
Record ID: 	4548
Requisitioned by: 	Gregory D. Hammerel
Call Sign: 	W9GDH
Address: 	517 Spruce Ave
Cameron, WI
Email: 	w9gdh @ chibardun.net
Phone: 	715 458 4056

P.S. -

From: The 1x1 website at

The Special Event Call Sign System meets the needs of amateur operators 
for temporary operation of their stations during events that are of 
special significance to the amateur service community. 

A Special Event Call Sign is an amateur station call sign with a 
one-by-one call sign format that may be reserved for assignment to 
stations operating in conjunction with these short-term events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Just what is considered an "...event of special significance to the 
amateur service community?

A. There are only 750 call signs available for temporary use. A special 
event operation usually commemorates an event which is publicly 
significant. Ideally, this is a one time, non-recurring celebration, 
festival, anniversary, holiday, convention, dedication, public 
demonstration and the like. Special event call signs may not be 
requested just so that you will be able to have a short call sign during 
an upcoming amateur radio operating event or contest. A special event 
call sign coordinator may determine that your planned special event 
operation is not in keeping with the intent of the Special Event Call 
Sign System. Coordinators have wide latitude in the acceptance, 
rejection or cancellation of 1x1 call sign reservations.


Please be sure that in the future your requests for 1x1 calls conform to 
the intent of the 1x1 special event call sign program.

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