[TCRA] severe weather awareness week

Greg Hammerel w9gdh at chibardun.net
Wed Apr 11 13:58:56 CDT 2007

John Wetter wrote:

>> Hello Everyone,
>> With severe weather awareness week this week, that means that the 
>> statewide
>> tornado drill will take place on this Thursday. There will be a test
>> warning sent to Wisconsin counties at 1:40pm and to Minnesota Counties at
>> 1:45pm, and then a warning sent to participating counties at 6:55pm. We
>> know that many spotting organizations also run test directed nets on
>> Thursday evening to coincide with the 6:55pm warning.
>> The NWS Skywarn Station, K0MPX, will be available for contact via the hub
>> and spoke during the evening test from about 6:30pm until 7:15pm.
>> If you would like to make contact with K0MPX, please reply to this 
>> message
>> so we can be sure to monitor for your call and also test the listed 
>> back-up
>> operations we have on file. As calls may come from many places on the 
>> hubs,
>> we do ask for a response for this test so we can be sure to monitor 
>> for you.
>> Please let us know approximately what time you may be calling.

Lets try the Holcome Repeater  145.47 from 6:30PM to 7:15 PM.

Greg   W9GDH   Barron Co  WI

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