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I understand none of this.

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What repeater will we be using to contact you (DEC) on Sat with our 
traffic/ messages.

Also, Barron Co is having a Mass Casualty exercise on Oct. 14. The 
Barron hospital will be processing 400 or more people through the 
clinic. The ARES/RACES unit will be involve. We will be using the 
counties new Mobile Command Post. You are invited to join in the 
exercise or observe. And any other ARES/RACES member from other counties 
is also invited to come.
The Barron County  Public Health  Officer is aggressively pushing this 
training. It will be very involved. The Public Health Officer very 
energetic person, with excellent personnel skills.


Barron County ARC
146.715 - 
443.650 +
Next Meeting: 07/26/05 7:00 p.m.
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