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MATT METZDORF RoadyRW at msn.com
Wed Jun 22 01:22:24 CDT 2005

Hey Ray this is Matt, we do have the ropes for the towers. I am bringing a 6 meter beam, 2-440 beam for uhf/vhf. both towers will have the same rotors and antennas as last year. We also have a diepole antenna coming also(Marv) Kieth is going to let us use one of his rigs (hf) that he bought from Bill(KA9GNG). He may not be there till later afternoon. Going to talk to him tomarrow(6-22-05) about getting the radio's ahead of time to make sure everything works ok. So of the other guys are bringing coax and barrel connectors. Some of us are bringing misc. radios just in case someone forgets. working on getting generators. also bring a dish to pass( not too many dishes of potato salad, that was said at the meeting.) Don't know what we will have for a grill up there but there will be something. Dale will be driving up both days. (since he does not have the camper anymore.) Dad has an rv that we are trying to get ready to take up there , someone else said that they were bringing there, and I have a tent also. Dad is going to try and be up there Friday night with everything , so that in the morning everything is already up there. I will be driving up there after work on friday.(11PM) If you need to know anything else give me or my Dad a call.

                                                                    Matt 715-720-8939(Days)
                                                                    Mike 715-289-3933 (evenings)

P.S. pass this along to others if they ask.


                                                                     Matt (KC9CGW)

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  Does any one know what people are bringing for VHF radio/s?  I did hear 
  there could be a ft-847... that would be cool....  sounds like we are 
  going to keep it simple this year.... 6 2 432 with small antennas.. . 
  how are we on feedlines for said bands? is it taken care of...? sounded 
  like Mat and Mike were on top of it..

   I will be bringing my yeasu  ft-920 hf-6 rig  with powersupply and 
  keyer if needed as a backup...

  Did the rope and hooks get purchased and pre made for the tower guy 
  cables?? I didnt make it to the last meeting and have not see no minutes 
  or anything,,

  As of now weather people  saying that theres a chance we might see 
  thunderstorms now  through saturday... lets hope not!!!!

  Ray J

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