[TCRA] Field Day

Ray J ray at w9ray.org
Mon Jun 20 22:19:42 CDT 2005

Does any one know what people are bringing for VHF radio/s?  I did hear 
there could be a ft-847... that would be cool....  sounds like we are 
going to keep it simple this year.... 6 2 432 with small antennas.. . 
how are we on feedlines for said bands? is it taken care of...? sounded 
like Mat and Mike were on top of it..

 I will be bringing my yeasu  ft-920 hf-6 rig  with powersupply and 
keyer if needed as a backup...

Did the rope and hooks get purchased and pre made for the tower guy 
cables?? I didnt make it to the last meeting and have not see no minutes 
or anything,,

As of now weather people  saying that theres a chance we might see 
thunderstorms now  through saturday... lets hope not!!!!

Ray J

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