Former Officers

Below is a list off former officers of the Tri County Repeater Association. Current officers can be found on the members page.

Mike MetzdorfW9MMPresident2021-2023
Sandy LetleboKC9LZWSecretary2016-2020
Paul BrootenKB9TYCPresident2017-2020
Mike MetzdorfW9MMVice President2017-2020
Paul BrootenKB9TYCVice President2016
Bill NobleKA9GNGSecretary2013 - 2015
Matt MetzdorfKC9CGWVice President2008 - 2015
Don JasterK9YLITreasurer2008 - 2015
Dale McGrawN9XMUSecretary2007 - 2012
Don JasterK9YLIPresident2006 - 2007
Mark MarusikN9FEVice President2006 - 2007
Paul BrootenKB9TYCSecretary2000 - 2007
Mike MetzdorfW9MMTreasurer2000 - 2007
Ray JohnsonW9RAYPresident2005
Matt MetzdorfKC9CGWVice President2005
Dale McGrawN9XMUPresident2003 - 2004
Ray JohnsonW9RAYVice President2002 - 2004
Bill NobleKA9GNGPresident2002
Rod SteeleAA9UKPresident2001
John McDonaldKB9TLVVice President2001
Bill PikeK9OWPresident2000
Scott BaseltN9UBSPresident1999
Dale McGrawN9XMUSecretary1999
Ernie WendtW0LUYTreasurer1999